If you’re planning a party, Foamboree is the way to go! 

We’re the best at throwing foam parties, and we do it professionally. Foamboree is the answer to anyone in Washington, DC, Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX, or Tampa, FL!

The Success Of Your Foam Party Depends On How You Promote It 

Other than hiring the best party hosting service such as Foamboree, you should promote your event. 

You should start advertising your foam party as early as possible. 

Keep in mind that spreading the word to as many individuals as possible is a top priority and you can advertise your future guests about your foam party on message boards and social media.

Bonus tip: try to make your party invites exciting and intriguing! 

You may make an invitation more fun by providing interesting information about the event since a detailed invite can keep guests anticipating the big day even more!

Can You Throw A Foam Party Inside?

The wonderful thing about throwing a foam party is that you can do so year-round, regardless of the weather. Having a foam party indoors is just as much fun as having one outside, and there are just as many options for games and activities to choose from.

However, we recommend having the foam party indoors during the winter, but in the summer, you can choose to have it either indoors or outdoors.

Host A Party For 2 Hours (Or More)!

Want to plan a party spanning more than an hour? Well, our popular 2 hours package has got you covered! 

Priced at an affordable rate of $525, this amazing package is recommended for adult birthdays, corporate events and much more! It includes:

  • 120 mins foam.
  • Sound system for music.
  • 1 foamboree rep.
  • Up to 5 inflatable beach balls.

Want More Time Added To Your Package?

An exciting party lasts up to several hours if you want to make the most of it. So, if you want to have an epic partying experience with an extended amount of time, please contact one of our reps info@foamboree.com. We would love to add more time to your foamboree fun!

So What Are You Waiting For? It’s Foam Time!

Foamboree simplifies the process of planning a foam party by providing you with all of the necessary foam party rental machines and equipment. Organizing a foam party is now easier than ever with the help of Foamboree.

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