You have arrived at the perfect place if you are searching for the summer party to end all summer parties. Kids dive straight in and use their imagination to construct figures with foam on their heads and bodies as they bounce in excitement, and we can’t even begin to tell you how much they also like catching and chasing foam in the air! 

The kids are guaranteed to have a great time at a foam party, regardless of the reason for the celebration.

1. Foam Machine

Foam parties are a tremendous amount of fun. The youngsters lose their minds! Foamboree, the industry’s foremost provider of foam party rentals and hosting services, is where you can hire the equipment you need. With our knowledgeable staff and high-quality equipment and supplies, we’ll ensure you have a blast, even if this is something you’ve never thought about.

You can design bubble-themed decorations, party favors, games, and treats as this would be a great addition to the bubble-filled yard itself!

2. Decor

Because the yard is covered in foam, you should keep this part simple by constructing a balloon garland out of white and transparent balloons that mimic bubbles! Simply inflate your balloons, link them to one another in clusters, and then attach them to your table. Everyone will have a great time because of the graphic and cheerful aspect that they provide to the party.

3. Treats

You can make mocktails that mimic the appearance of ocean water by combining Sprite, blue Powerade, and a small amount of whipped cream in a serving glass. Then, garnish the drinks with miniature rubber duckies and a striped straw. This is going to be a really adorable and well-liked addition by the crowd!

4. Games

For a game, take some additional rubber duckies and give each one a number. Then, place them somewhere within the foam, where the children may locate them later. After they have located one, they can take it to the table to claim the prize corresponding to the number they have discovered. A traditional treasure hunt has gotten a bubbly-fun makeover, thanks to you!

5. Favors

To make a sweet-themed favor that allows your guests to take the foam party with them when they leave, get some bubble wands from the dollar store and add a printable that says “Have a foamtastic school year!” to complete it.


Before the start of the new school year, a foam party will make the day wonderful and memorable. We hope that you find our foam parties at Foamboree are exactly what you’re looking for to create a lasting memory for your friends and family.

That wraps it up! A fizzy good time that the kids won’t be able to forget any time soon!Β 

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