Foamboree provides entertainment for all sorts of parties; be it summer camps, birthday parties,
glow foam parties, pool parties or community events. We cater to our clients residing in
Nashville Tennessee, Dallas Texas, Tampa Florida and Washington DC!

Everyone who attends a foam party takes away unforgettable memories of having a good time and laughing. 

You might think that since foam is produced from soap and water you will be left feeling chilly, wet, and sticky after partying in a foam party but you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Because the solution that is used in our foam machines is naturally organic, it is safe for you, your guests, and the environment. 

It has been utilized all throughout the US without ever causing any harm to the environment or any adverse reactions in any of the people who have come into contact with it. Our foam solution does not contain any chemicals, sulfates, or fuel, and it does not have any sort of stench. 

Foamboree uses a foam that is both naturally organic and free of any toxic substances since we always put a strong emphasis on both having fun and staying safe.

The most important rule for Foamboree is that everyone who participates in the event has a great time and has an incredible Foamboree experience. If you haven’t given it a shot at least once, you should seize the opportunity to do so since you are missing out on the most relaxing, fun, and risk-free form of going out to a party there is!

Last but not least, set the benchmark for partying and have the time of your life at this foam party! You’re going to get wet, you’re going to dance, and you’re going to have an ultimate foamboree experience! 

What is included in the standard package for the foam machine?

Foam machines are the perfect method to take a party to the next level and transform it into an elegant and glitzy occasion. Foamboree throws foam parties with unique, all-inclusive packages that can be purchased for very reasonable costs and are intended to liven up any event.

The standard bundle that we offer is ideal for spicing up a party that lasts for an hour. This amazing package includes one Foamboree representative to set up the foam machine, sixty minutes of our intriguing foam, a high-class music system to pump up the atmosphere, and as many as three inflatable beach balls for your guests to enjoy.

For only $325, we will stay through the event, act as your hosts, and then wrap everything up for you. This magnificent foam machine set is ideal for smaller, more personal gatherings such as birthdays, baby showers, and a lot of other kinds of parties too!

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