We think of holding a party if we want to celebrate something special or have a good time. Your
party needs to be different from the rest unless boring is your default option. A memorable
celebration needs to have as much energy as the rising sun. The question then becomes, “How
can you organize a party that everyone will remember as the most absurdly fun ever?”

The solution is simple.

Throw a joyous foam party!

They are the best approach to make sure your visitors have a memorable experience.

How Do Foam Parties Work?
Foam parties, as the name implies, are gatherings during which participants drink, dance, and
play games while being doused with foam. The party foam can cover a wide area and stack up
to five feet in height. Foam machines produce a non-sticky foam that is used in various events
of your choice.

What Is The Foamboree Experience?
If you think throwing a foam party would be a good choice for your upcoming celebration, you
can get the ball rolling on planning your event by contacting us, your trusted foam party hosts!
We provide pre-made foam party plans for your convenience, or you can design your own.
Check out the optional extras to see if there’s anything that might make your celebration even
more memorable. Select the package of your choice and we’ll take care of the rest, including
arranging the delivery of all necessary foam party materials on the day of your event, to setting
up your one-of-a-kind event.

In addition to our UV lights, which will make the entire party glow, we also have a variety of
colorful foam options for you to choose from. We bring a top-notch sound system and put on the
disco lights to keep the party going strong all day long; you can even provide the music!

Our party host, called our Foamologist, will be with you through the engaging event, managing
every aspect of your party so that you can throw all your worries aside, channel your inner child
and let yourself loose with your guests!

Now this is what we call a Foamboree experience!

Foamboree’s convenient foam party bundles make it easy to make your next gathering a foam-
tastic success. Contact us right now to reserve all of your form party necessities for all sorts of
events like summer camps, birthday parties, community events, glow foam parties, pool parties,
and get the celebration started in a foamy fashion!

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