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A Foamboree party is fun for kids and  might be the ideal complement to your outdoor charity event, especially during the warm summer months, which are ideal for holding community gatherings outside. If you are hosting a fair or picnic for your non-profit organization, a fun non profit foam party will be an excellent addition to the celebrations.

At Foamboree, we create the ideal environment for a fun foam bubbles party with our large heaps of foam. The hosts of Foamboree (follow us on Instagram) take care of everything, from putting up the foam machine and the speaker system to maintaining the foam pile while playing high-energy, family-friendly music during the activity. This frees you up to focus on your event while the hosts take care of everything else!

For your awesome fun foam bubbles party, you will need space; lots and lots of open, unencumbered space. You and your guests will be nearly blinded by the massive amount of foam that will fill up the space where the party is going to take place, so you are going to want to avoid stumbling and falling over random breakable things throughout the party.

To meet the space requirements for your event, you will need to choose a location or a building that is not only large enough but also owned by an individual who is willing to allow you to fill their space with a significant quantity of foam.

Having a designated space within a paved parking lot and a space with fake grass would also be excellent. Natural grass is another option worth considering, provided that you don’t mind the area being a little muddy after the event due to the children running around.

Connections to a water-hose hook-up and access to an electrical outlet are two more necessities that must be met to host a successful foam party. The experienced foam party pros bring an abundance of hose and extension cords to various events; hence, all they will require to make the foam party happen is access to water and power.

A foam bubbles party is fun for kids and it creates lasting memories not only for the children participating in it and experiencing the pleasure of spinning about in heaps of foam but also for the parents who are there to observe or participate in the activity with their children. Your event visitors  will be impressed if you have a distinctive activity like a fun foam bubbles for kids foamboree party. It might urge them to dig deeper into their pockets to contribute to your cause!

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