You’ve decided to throw a foam party for your kid’s birthday or another event, and now you’re
wondering what steps to take to make the day go smoothly. Foamboree will take care of you!
Look below for some suggestions that are sure to make your kiddos’ foam party a smashing

What Matters Most Is Who You Hire.

What Matters Most Is Who You Hire. First things first: be certain you’ve chosen the most
suitable company. Children are the focus of certain foam party companies (like Foamboree,
hint, hint). But in all seriousness, you should hire a company that is well-versed in hosting kid-
oriented foam parties. Make sure you hire a kid’s foam party company with the experience and
supplies that set you up for a fantastic time, including things like foam height and a bubble
formula that doesn’t burn your kid’s and friends’ eyes (some companies use harsh dish soap –

The success of your Foam Party will depend on your choice of surface. Assuming you have
already chosen a fantastic kids’ foam party company and have a firm date and time in mind, it’s
time to begin preparing; first things first, let’s discuss surfaces.

Avoid highly reflective surfaces like marble or painted concrete, but otherwise, any medium- to large-sized flat surface without barriers or steps will do. If the surface is extremely slippery after rainfall, it will be similarly (but not more) slippery after being sprayed with foam. Now that we have everything settled, it comes down to personal preference.

When people walk around barefoot on grass or when water is used on grass, the grass becomes wet and muddy, and it may take some time for the grass to dry out again. We recommend hard surfaces such as driveways, sports courts, or other similar areas as an alternative for these people. The lack of mud is an obvious perk, but children’s feet can easily burn on the pavement without water shoes.

Towels! (and/or goggles)

If you hire a professional company like Foamboree to host your child’s foam party, the foam
should not sting your children’s eyes, but they will likely want to wash the thick bubbles off their
faces. Towels should be close at hand in case any of those precious, gleaming faces need a
quick wipe-off. In addition, you can provide your visitors with goggles if you so choose. Even
while you probably won’t need them if you’re working with a reputable company, goggles are
always a nice touch, especially for kids.

Play the Right Music.

Play the Right Music. If you’ve ever been to a kid’s birthday party and been subjected to an hour
of blasting Kidz Bop, you know what we’re talking about. That’s a unique form of torment all its
own. Do not treat your close buddies in this way. Set the mood with the right tunes. We
recommend kid-friendly pop dance music that your grownup guests will enjoy just as much as
the kids.

Take lots of pictures!

The possibilities for great photos and videos at your kid’s Foam Party are practically endless.

The lighting — there will be a lot of white in your images, so be aware of it as you snap the
photo and attempt to keep the subject either entirely in the sun or entirely in the shadows so there is no dark line running across the image.

Even while photos of your children with their faces covered in bubbles are adorable, you should keep some of those towels we recommended handy in case your little ones need a quick wipe-down before the camera snaps.

The kids will be going crazy and running about like crazy, so take video and screen capture it
later. Maintaining their stillness will be challenging. The finest photos we’ve seen were really
videos; the mom just paused the video and got a screenshot.

Amazing, right?

All your concerns regarding how to organize a foam party for kids should melt away if you follow
these five tips. Choose Foamboree to throw the perfect kids’ foam party. We hope to spend time
with you soon and make wonderful memories.

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